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Mission and Values

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Our Mission Statement

Laughlin Community Church exists to reach people through dynamic worship and relevant preaching, bringing them to a life expanding relationship with Jesus Christ and guiding them into practical Christian living as evidenced through the fruit of the Spirit.

Our Purpose Statement

As a dynamic church proclaiming the Word of God we purpose to make disciples of Christ by:

  • Attracting and leading the unsaved to Christ
  • Encouraging Christians to consecrate themselves to God's purpose for their lives
  • Providing a climate in which personal spiritual growth, worship and fellowship occur
  • Equipping believers for effective ministry to reach the Laughlin, Nevada area and beyond

Our Statement of Faith 

What does Laughlin Community Church believe?

We as a family, gathered around the cross of Christ, want to say as much as possible what God says about the Scriptures, the Gospel, the Church, the life of a Christian, Hell and any other topic to which our Sovereign God speaks. Though we could literally fill pages explaining our beliefs in full we would invite you instead to follow the link below. This Statement of Faith is a good summary of our core beliefs.

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Baptist Faith and Message 2000
See the Baptist Faith and Message here!
Baptist Faith and Message