Primal Student Ministry | Laughlin Community Church
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Primal Student Ministry

Living in a small town can be hard and it's even harder when you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere. But we do fit in, into God's perfect plan. It's hard to see the bigger picture when you feel like you're a tiny piece but God tells us differently. We are all important…. You are important. Here at Primal Youth Ministries at Laughlin Community Church we are focused on your personal spiritual growth and growing in Christ together as a group and giving you the tools to grow on your own in Christ. 

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Mission Statement

Through scripture, fun, and a safe environment we are focusing on each student's personal relationship with Christ and helping them grow and understanding how important they truly are to God.

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Weekly Student Events

Sunday Mornings @ 11:30 A.M

  • Food
  • Games
  • Small Groups

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What we are teaching

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There are certain things that make Christmas really feel like Christmas, right? Christmas trees, holly, candy canes, nativity sets, that one Christmas album your family can’t get enough of . . . oh! And angels. If you pay attention, you’ll find them everywhere this Christmas season. They’re on Christmas trees, ornaments, and greeting cards. They’re in Christmas carols, movies, and nativity sets. And they’re all over the pages of Scripture, too. That’s because angels played an important role in the very first Christmas. In this four-week series from the Gospels, we’ll pay close attention to the announcements the angels made surrounding Jesus’ birth. Together, we’ll see why the messages the angels shared back then still matter today — like the message that God’s timing is always right, that Jesus is always good news, that we can always share God’s story, and that God is always ready to rescue.

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Nate Pineda

Student Leader