Church Membership

What is Church Membership?
A church is not a brick-and-mortar building. A church is a church because we are a family that comes together as a body of believers.  
If you are part of the family of God and have believed in Christ and confessed Him with your mouth (Romans 10:9-10), you are part of the Church as a whole.
Laughlin Community Church is a family that considers ourselves a part of a Kingdom greater than anything we can imagine. We strive to be good citizens of the Kingdom of God. We strive to be good citizens of the Kingdom of God. As we are citizens of God's Kingdom, we take on the responsibilities of citizenship. As members of Laughlin Community Church, we are committing to this family as our home base. Committing to working together to see God's Kingdom grow and to show the love of Christ to the best of our abilities to the world around us. We are also committing to stand beside one another in Christ’s name.

LCC Membership Covenant

Having come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I desire to join the fellowship of believers at Laughlin Community Church
As a member, I understand that I will be joining a church family. As a member of this family, I will:

Endeavor to live in my home at all times as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ by being faithful to my spouse (if applicable), training my children to understand what the Bible says about God and humanity, and by being committed to a prioritized life where God is first, family is second and every else is third: I will also:

Endeavor to live with my church family at all times as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ by tirelessly loving my fellow members, by seeking unity, be refraining my tongue from gossip, by supporting the leadership of the church, by attending the worship services, and by agreeing to use my God-given spiritual gifts for the benefit of my church family and His kingdom. Finally, I will:

Strive to live in the Word at all times as a faithful follower of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and by being ethical and honest in all my dealings

LCC Membership Checklist

You will be joining a people who value being CHRISTIANS: You must become a part of God's big family before you become a part of this smaller family of God. This is only possible through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus, on the cross of Calvary. Have you come to know and trust Jesus? Is He your only Savior and King? The expectation is that you have trusted Jesus alone as your personal Savior and King.
You will be joining a people who value being BIBLICAL: The Bible is authoritative to us, therefore, we endeavor to preach, teach, and live by the Word daily. The expectation is that you will be as well.
You will be joining a people who value being a FAMILY: You will be loved as family and the expectation is that you, too, will live as a vital, active family member
You will be joining a people who value being COVENANTAL: God has always been a covenant-making, covenant-keeping God. In short, this is why we have a Membership Covenant. It serves as a faithful reminder that you will be committed to us and us to you. The expectation is that you will sign and submit the Church Covenant and hold to that Covenant as long as you are a part of this family.
You will be joining a people who value being BAPTIZED: Though LCC has an unabashed non-denominational flavor and welcomes people to attend from many different denominations and backgrounds, membership has been reserved for those who have followed in Believer's Baptism. Believer's Baptism is defined as immersion in water after having come to trust by grace through faith in Jesus as one's only Savior and King. This definition obviously excludes those who were baptized as babies or only sprinkled as an adult. In requiring Believer's Baptism, we as a church are not saying that one who has never been baptized this way is not a Christian, we would never say or imply this. Rather we are only saying that we strongly believe this to be an important act of obedience and a New Testament mark of those who are followers of Jesus. If you want to join LCC and have never been baptized, this can easily be arranged.