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VBS 2024 - Navigating the Relationships With God and Others

Jul 21, 2024    Michael Ryan Stotler


Join Pastor Ryan for an inspiring sermon titled "Navigating the Relationship with God and Others." Discover the power of Vacation Bible School (VBS) in shaping lives and learn how spending time with God can transform your relationships. Through biblical insights and practical advice, Pastor Ryan explores how God’s word breathes life into us, guiding us to nurture healthy, life-giving connections with others. Don't miss out on this enlightening message!

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**Questions for Reflection:**

1. How can spending time alone with God improve your relationships?

2. What does the term 'theopneustos' mean and how does it impact your faith?

3. How can you apply the vine analogy to strengthen your connection with Jesus and others?

Be sure to watch and reflect on these questions to deepen your understanding and relationship with God and those around you.